Friday, August 17, 2012

First Day of School

Karli went earlier in the week to meet her teacher and take her supplies.  
She was super excited about this year in first grade.

Mrs. Miller and Karli

The first day of school as a freshman.  
That's one tough freshman!

But not too tough for his momma!  ;)
I got a smile.

Our girls ready for 1st and 4th!

Kelsi had a great day!  
This was Karli's best day ever!
I asked Nathan how his day went and he said "good".  
I had to pry for the details and got the freshman had to do the congo 
and sing the Northwood fight song.  :)  
Good times!


  1. I'm kind of hurt that this was Karli's best day ever! I'm happy she loves first grade. I pray they all will have a wonderful year. (even the tough freshman :)