Monday, July 4, 2011

Karli did it! That little stinker!

Last year Karli wanted to ride a 2 wheeler, so Rob started to practice with her.  He took off the training wheels and practiced going down the hills in the grass.  But then she lost interest.

This summer started off and she didn't say much about riding her bike.  Then they went camping and were gone for two weeks.  First thing Karli wanted when she got home from camping was her training wheels put back on!!  Rob said no way!  But she begged.  So Rob said if you go out and practice and learn how to ride your bike I will buy you a razor, like Kelsi.  That little stinker went outside with Kelsi's help and came back in a 1/2 hour saying, "When are you going to buy me a razor?"  We went outside and she had done it! 

 She was riding all by herself!

I had to take a picture of Nate, too!  Just practicing!

Summer Camp

First, both girls went to Grandparent's Camp with my mom for a week in Ohio.  They had a great time!   According to Kelsi this was their schedule:  breakfast, swimming, bible study, lunch, nap, swimming, dinner, "vespers", more swimming, snack, games, and bed!

Karli was so excited to have made a new friend!  Kelsi's favorite part was the bible study.  Kelsi is already planning how she can go back next year to another camp while Grandma and Karli go to Grands Camp again.  
Big THANK YOU to Grandma!!

Then my mom and girls picked up my niece and nephew in Dayton and drove to Turkey Run to meet my Dad with the camper.  We drove Nathan down and did a little canoeing at The Shades Park before they arrived.  Had a blast and are looking for more places around here to do some canoeing!

The van ride to drop off.

 Unloading the canoe and kayak.

The rapids!

Nate loved kayaking!


After our adventure, my mom and dad arrived.  We were excited the see the girls, hadn't seen them for a week. Kelsi gave me a big hug but Karli wanted to be held for a while and then she was ready to camp! We helped them with a little set up but then knew they wanted us to go home!!  :)  

They had another great week of camping!

This was their schedule according to Kelsi:  Sleep in, pancakes for breakfast, hike, lunch, nap, swimming, camp fire for food, smores, showers, watched a movie, and bed.  They also did some canoeing, visited the nature center, more hiking, ate some ice cream, and played at the playground.  Karli loved swimming, the chocolate chip pancakes, and sleeping in the camper.  Kelsi loved the smores and swimming.  Nathan's favorite thing about camping were the hiking trails!

Wonderful memories made with Grandma & Grandpa!!