Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Look!

It's so much fun to change my blog! With school starting I haven't really had much time to add anything lately. I just had to get these awesome pictures that my friend, Traci, took for us this summer on here though. We had a fun time taking them (just of the kids). You can see her link in my friends section. She does a great job! You will appreciate her site if you are a teacher or a parent who enjoys reading with their children. (Even those who don't enjoy reading to your children, this is for you! So, come one and ALL to take a look!) She has started doing a fun "Wednesday - What To Read" blog.

Okay- I need to go to bed! Maybe I will keep up with things a bit more.... and maybe not! We'll see how the year goes. Rob and my mom (didn't you, mom??) remind me that my goal is once a month. Later!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Biking at Potato Creek

We met our small group at Potato Creek on Sunday for a picnic and some biking. We had a great time together.

It took all 5 to grill the meat!
The little crew!

The big crew!
The too cool crew!
Kelsi and I were going a little slower than the others.
Then we caught up with the rest at the end.

It was a beautiful day!
I bet my friend, Jessi, has more pictures on her site, The Yoder's.