Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Snow Day!

Yes, Fairfield cancelled (the school district I teach in) and Wanee did not (the school district Nate and Kelsi go to)!  Nate is never happy with me when that happens!

So, Karli and I had a great snow day at home!!  She was pretty pumped to be the only one home with mommy!

We had fun playing our favorite....

Making matches!

Have you ever tried to play Memory Twister style??  Karli was!  :)

Then she got a little distracted.... or someone else wanted attention!

Ugh... doggy kisses.  Karli doesn't seem to mind.

Did a little wrestling!

Libby is such a good dog!  Karli can do anything to her and she just lets her.

Fianlly, back to the game!  Karli won 38 to 34 matches.  :)

It was a good day!  Karli even helped me clean with her own bucket, rag, and pretend water.  Love her!