Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer has been busy! Here are some pictures to get you caught up.

Kelsi and Karli had swimming lessons.
Did a little fishing. Kelsi was the lucky one!
Nathan making us laugh!

I am taking a nine week photography class on line, The Photography Workshop by Karen Russell. I am loving it and learning some awesome stuff!

Our little helper likes to go to Grandma's house and help her with all kinds of things since her back surgery. She spent the day doing laundry and garden stuff.

Karli learning to ride her bike without training wheels.

Rob got to ride in a helicopter, right in our back yard!

My mom and dad took the grandkids camping, a yearly tradition. So Rob and I spent a few days in Chicago. We went to Taste of Chicago, road on an architectural boat tour, and did lots and lots of walking!

We had a few days until the kids came home so we got a few projects done.

Kelsi went to Grandparent's Camp with my mom in Ohio, while Nathan went to Ohio to stay with his cousins.
And... Karli got her tonsils out!!
Registered at 7:15.
and waited....

10:00 went into surgery

11:30 out of surgery and sleeping

4:00 ready to go home!

Ice pack on her neck, popsicle stained mouth, and ice cream bear in the background. She has been a trooper.

The other two come home tomorrow and only 3 1/2 more weeks until school starts! Not ready!