Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Days!

I forgot I was going to post these pictures of the kids' first day of school. I didn't get very good pictures. It was a frazzled morning! Nathan is now in 6th grade at NorthWood Middle School. He will soon be 12!! More pictures to come of birthday celebrations! You know September is the busy month of birthdays! :) It's a fun time though and just makes me smile.

Nathan was very anxious about his first day. The bus was suppose to come at 6:37 a.m., so of course he was out there at 6:30. Well....... it didn't come until 7:00 because of a break down. He was sure the bus driver forgot him!

So I missed getting Kelsi's picture taken before school. We just took one after her first day in first grade!! She thinks it is pretty cool to be in the same grade that I teach. I would love to be a mouse in her classroom. I hope she is not too bossy!

She's A Go-Getter!

Karli had her first soccer game tonight! She was excited to be doing something that big brother and big sister get to do. They play in Bremen, 3 on 3. So most get a chance to kick the ball.
Rob said she was acting shy at her first practice. So I was anticipating the same thing at her first game, but that was not the case! Look at her go!

She was keeping up with the competition!

Then she made her first goal!!

Giving the Coach five!

She was having fun! Every now and then you would see her do some random jumping around on the field.

I think she was most excited about getting snacks at the end. She had seen her brother and sister receive this at the end of their games. And, this time.......
she didn't have to share any with them!