Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Hi!  It's been awhile since I have blogged!  I guess I needed a break and was just a little busy the month of September.  Then October rolled around and it was still busy.  Now I can't believe it is the end of November!!

Some things that have happened since I last blogged:  
  • Nathan turned 13!
  • Our friends, Mike & Michelle, had their beautiful baby girl, Tenley!
  • Karli turned 5!
  • Kelsi turned 8!
  • Nathan's arm healed and he got to play the last football game of the season!
  • Rob and I drove to NE to be with my mom during her heart valve replacement surgery.  (That went so smoothly)
  • School, school, and more school!
  • I turned 39! (Don't feel it one bit!)
  • Flew to NE to help my mom.  We enjoyed visiting, sleeping, reading, and I cleaned!
  • Everyday life!

I was so ready for this extended weekend!  We planned to stay home and just relax.  Yesterday we enjoyed our Thanksgiving Day at The Blucker's!  Rob made the turkey on the big green egg and his mom made all the trimmings!  It was very yummy!  After ALL of the dishes were taken care of (there were 17 total this year) we played Wits & Wagers and then the famous Shanghai Rummy!  I won!  :)  They weren't very happy with me.

Today we slept in and I tried to organize and do laundry most of the day!  How fun! :(  The girls had fun playing though.  They dressed up and did ballerina most of the afternoon.  Then Kelsi, my little homemaker, wanted to make a snack that she had found in her new magazine, Sparkle.  She is constantly creating or wanting to cook!  It drives me crazy but I know that I need to let her drag all of her crafts out or make a mess in the kitchen!

Side note:  Recently she made a picture for Nathan.  It had a picture of him all dressed up, titled "Princess Nathan".  :)  We saved it!


Love the look!

Making sure to follow the directions!

Karli is waiting patiently!  

 Taadaa!  The finished product!  She was so proud.

The simplest things that make your heart sing!