Monday, November 30, 2009

Rob Turned 40!!

Rob's 40th birthday was Sunday! I surprised him with a party at our house the weekend before. He knew something was going on but did not know the extent of it all. With a little help from my friends :) we had fun, food, and football! (ND lost and that pretty much ended Weis' career. We'll remember that one!)

I'm so thankful for my hubby! He is a humble man that wants to grow closer to God. What a blessing that I get to share my life with him! I love you, Rob!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Count Your Blessings!

We are so very thankful this year! Family, friends, church, jobs......

We have enjoyed an uneventful Thanksgiving, no traveling this year. Thursday we enjoyed a meal with Mom & Dad Blucker and Rick & Jen's family. The adults had fun playing Shanghai together while the kids played.

No shopping for me this year on Black Friday! We did head over to Mishawaka later in the day to get a few things. The rush was gone and did notice empty shelves. After shopping we ate at Palito's and then off to the ND/Bowling Green hockey game with friends. We did all think that hockey is much more exciting than basketball. :) ND won in OT and just by a goal in the last 2 seconds of OT. It was thrilling! (Kelsi's new word) I should have taken my camera!

Today has been lazy, except for Nathan - he got to go para-gliding!! He thought it was awesome! It freaked me out! It took them three times to take-off. They bit the dust twice! I didn't know if they would make it! The corn field was causing some funky wind swirls and made it much harder than normal. The guy told Nathan to run once they took off and keep running until he told him to stop! :) He did! They slowly rose into the clear blue sky (little hazy). I was extremely uneasy!

Like the amish in the background watching? They usually show up. :)

Up, up, and away!

But when he was done he was all smiles! What an experience! Nathan said it has been the best Thanksgiving ever!