Saturday, October 3, 2009

Last Birthday of September!

Kelsi turned 7 on the 27th. She was so patient! It is difficult being the last child to have a birthday in the month of September around here.

She was very specific on how she wanted her cake decorated this year. It had to have a pony with a flower in it's hair. That is what she got! We love Denise! She is a great cake maker!

Kelsi got lots of American Girl stuff, soccer stuff, and clothes. Her brother even wanted to get her something this year. She was pretty impressed. He gave her a watch that she just had to have and I told her no! She has also been busy making potholders, with my help (it's rather relaxing for me!).

That is it for birthdays for now. At least no more planning for the kids! :) Soon I will be 38 and Rob will be the big 40!!

Then - Karli's Birthday!

Karli turned 4 on the 9th! She was so excited! She wanted all princess and ballerina stuff. That is what she got, and more!

September - The Month of Birthdays!

Nathan's birthday was the 5th. He turned 12!!!!

We had a great time spending the day in Chicago. Nathan took his friend, Asa. First we went to the Skydeck. That was great! The sky was a little hazy but sunny. Then we walked around town for a little and ate lunch at Giordano's. So yummy! Then we headed out to Schaumburg. We had reservations at Medieval Times. The show was fun and the food was good. Although, Rob didn't enjoy eating like a barbarian! The boys loved it!