Sunday, May 16, 2010

Creative Cuties!

Kelsi begged to have Chloe over today after church. (I was told life would not be fair since her brother had a friend over Friday.) So dramatic!

Well, look what these two cuties decided to create! They went out "exploring" and brought in a bucket of "wilderness" treasures. They put them each into a baggie and decided to write a book about each thing they found. You should hear them working together! They are going to take them to school and share them with their classes. :) Love it!

Here is a piece of wood, labeled "wildernis ecsqlores" (wilderness explorers) :)

Can't forget this cutie! ;)

1 Down, 1 To Go!

Okay, Kelsi's gardenette is planted! She is happy! It has a strawberry plant, jalapeno plants, tomato plants, and some flowers. We may get a few more things like peppers and onion. Then we could have a salsa garden!

Kelsi's face is painted from her field trip to Curious Kid's Museum. Rob went as a chaperone. He had a group of girls! He thought it was rather interesting. It wasn't that bad though, I think he would do it again. :) He is such a good dad!

We will see how it goes! It is Kelsi's responsibility.

Mom, here is my first iris!! I didn't think it would live. It is in an area that water sits if it rains alot! It did better than the other iris on the other side where water never sits!

The next project is the patio! Stones are picked and layout is decided, just need to pin down the measurements and get started excavating! :) We worked hard on the other yard work this weekend and our bodies are sore. We used the sod cutter from the shop to make wider edges around the trees and landscaping. It was a lot of work but will be helpful in the end.

I will keep you updated.