Thursday, January 26, 2012

School Night

Just one of those school nights, a little calmer than most.  Kelsi and Rob went to basketball practice.  Nathan was downstairs doing homework.  
Karli fell asleep after getting into trouble for not listening.  
She told me she was going to calm down on the couch after being spanked.  :)

It was very quiet as I was making supper!  
I wondered if this is what it would be like when the kids are grown and gone.  :)

Nathan came upstairs, we talked about his day, started to eat supper.
Then Karli woke up and joined us. 
 I told Nathan how much I appreciated him for emptying the dishwasher and Karli for sitting like a big girl at the table without getting up and moving around.  (Usually having an accident!)  
Tried out some of the "Sticky Faith" stuff that I am learning. 
I am usually tired after school and can focus on the negative at the end of the day instead of the positive.  I am working on it.
Tonight was a good night.

After things were cleaned up, Nathan even helped his sister with her homework.  :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Little Fun With A Car Hood!

Saturday Nathan and his friend, Asa, were suppose to go to Ft.Wayne for IMEA Music Conference but because of the snow it was cancelled.  So they had a little fun in the snow.  
Rob got a car hood from our neighbor, Chad, and they had a blast!

Then it was the girls turn!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Weekend

Stayed up too late last night getting caught up with pictures to Christmas.   Now I need to finish the holiday festivities.  We went to my brother's over the New Year's weekend and had a great time.  Here are a few pictures of our time together.

We arrived Friday evening, made our own yummy pizzas, and then sat around the table talking but mostly playing Scrabble against each other on our own phones, ipods, or ipads!  :)  Reminded me of that funny Christmas picture where everyone is looking at their phones instead of the photographer.  :)

Saturday we slowly made our way out of bed and went to 
the airplane museum.  It was a really cool place.  
At least the older ones enjoyed it and the younger one didn't complain the whole day.  

This is the first airplane that you get to see, The Wright military flier.

Karli was not too thrilled.  Rob was reading every word!!

I thought it was a great place to take pictures.  The lighting was cool.  If only I could get my focus right.

I loved this picture!  How many times have you been here, Erin??  ;)

I like Erin's expression in this picture, too. 

Entertaining the youngest!

Then the twirling began!  They were happy at least!

Rob was all excited that Nathan took an interest in the engines.   
So he was teaching Nathan everything he knows!

There were engines everywhere!!   These guys were slowing us down!!  

I loved all the cool planes!

Then we saw "Fighter Pilot" in the IMax theater.  Cool!

After the movie we had to hustle it over to take the bus to see the presidential planes in a different area.  It was very mysterious!  We took a bus to a different air base and were told not to take any pictures.  Rob even looked on google earth to see where it was located and it was not on the map!  We walked on the plane that served as Air Force One on the day of President John F. Kennedy's assassination.  We also walked on the presidential aircraft of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Dwight Eisenhower.   
I thought it was really neat, thinking of the history!

We went home, had fondue for supper, opened presents, had more fondue for dessert, and watched Sherlock (my new favorite show).  

Watch out for Rob.  He can be deadly with his fork!

Then we (well...most of us) watched the ball drop and off to bed.

Hope your 2012 is everything you hope it to be!!


Friday, January 6, 2012


It has been a while hasn't it!  I suppose I just haven't been into blogging lately.  There is FB and now Pinterest.  I often look at FB and blogs but have just recently started pinning.  It is addicting, all those things that I like, want, wish to have.  I have found some really great things on there.  You know how one thing can lead to a million other things and the next thing you know you have been on the computer for hours!  Well, I did find a site called Women Living Well and it has led me (or was it God leading me?) to think about what God wants for me instead of me wanting for myself.  Awesome site! (If you are reading this Kathy, thank you!  I guess I found it from your link on FB.) I found the Gentleness Challenge and then the Ephesian's Study.  Now my goal for this year is to spend more time in God's Word then on the computer.

Being in God’s word is KEY to true transformation.

(which came from Courtney on Women Living Well)

I want to be more dedicated??? driven??? determined??? persistent??? committed??? devoted??? DISCIPLINED!!!!  I couldn't think of the word I was looking for!!!!!  DISCIPLINED!!  I haven't been disciplined.  :(  I want my kids to see that I am disciplined in not only taking care of my family, my job, but also my walk with my LORD, JESUS CHRIST.  I want them to to have a lasting faith!  (Another book that I want to read, StickyFaith.) 

So I guess this brings me back to blogging.  I will try to keep blogging, at least for my mom who is 600 miles away since she is really the only one who reads it anyway.  :)  Maybe for a few other friends and family that care. :)

Here are some pictures  since the last time:


The Beginning of September Birthdays
Nate's 14th

Karli's 6th

Visit to Karli's Kindergarten Class

Mrs. Mast teaching P.E.  That was fun!  ;)

Friends that she talks nonstop about!

Kelsi's 9th


My 40th with some great friends and my mom and dad surprised me!!

After a delicious dinner, walking the dogs on a beautiful day.

My first experience paragliding.  Awesome!

See it on youtube.


New tradition - jammies for everyone Christmas Eve.

Lot's of reading and playing games.