Monday, May 30, 2011

School is out for the summer!

Here we are at another end of a school year!  Nathan completed 7th grade and Kelsi 2nd grade.  Here are a few of the end of the year activities that I didn't have time to post.

Pet Day

Kelsi's 2nd Grade Teacher, Mrs. Merryman

Kaity's Prom

One of our favorite McFarland girls, Kaity.


End of the season tournament is June 4.

We are looking forward to a relaxing summer!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


 (Notice the splatters of mud on his nose)!

and their toys!

"Reading Rocks"

Back in March, Kelsi had a "Reading Rocks" week at school.  
They did all kinds of fun stuff and dressed up like the 80's, 70's, 60's, and 50's.  
We did our best to dress her appropriately!  

80's - big hair, big ear rings, pegged pants, baggie sweatshirt, and lots of bright bracelets

 I missed taking a picture for the 70's and 60's.  Here is the 50's.
Kelsi was sure that Lorene, our fabulous babysitter, could make her a poodle skirt.  
First she practiced on a skirt for Karli and then made Kelsi's. 

They both loved them!

Every girl has to twirl when you have skirt like this!  :)

(Mom, notice the flooring?)