Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Here is my boy! Last Monday he had a football accident. He fell and jammed his arm. We thought it was nothing and told him to suck it up!! He would be okay after icing it. Well..... after two days of letting it hang and not using it we thought we better go see the doctor.

Our family doctor took an x-ray and told us we better see an orthopedic doctor. He said it didn't look too good, he was worried that it may have damaged the growth plate. So we decided to see the orthopedic doc. that also saw Nathan when he broke his leg.

We were a little worried. The family doc. said he could have permanent damage and not be able to fully stretch his arm. Right away we told our family and friends to pray that it was not the growth plate. To pray for quick healing!

Guess what??!!! Rob and Nate went to Doc. Ware today and he told him he broke his humerus!!! Thank you, Jesus!!!

Nate broke it close to the elbow, where the arm turns from bone to cartilage. Doc. Ware put a splint on him and said to come back in 2 weeks. It should be healed and he might be able to play football yet this year!!! I'm not so sure about the playing football yet!