Thursday, January 26, 2012

School Night

Just one of those school nights, a little calmer than most.  Kelsi and Rob went to basketball practice.  Nathan was downstairs doing homework.  
Karli fell asleep after getting into trouble for not listening.  
She told me she was going to calm down on the couch after being spanked.  :)

It was very quiet as I was making supper!  
I wondered if this is what it would be like when the kids are grown and gone.  :)

Nathan came upstairs, we talked about his day, started to eat supper.
Then Karli woke up and joined us. 
 I told Nathan how much I appreciated him for emptying the dishwasher and Karli for sitting like a big girl at the table without getting up and moving around.  (Usually having an accident!)  
Tried out some of the "Sticky Faith" stuff that I am learning. 
I am usually tired after school and can focus on the negative at the end of the day instead of the positive.  I am working on it.
Tonight was a good night.

After things were cleaned up, Nathan even helped his sister with her homework.  :)

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